The kids bring the firefighters a pumpkin.

Lexington's oldest fire station is on TV!

Did you know there are colors of the rainbow that we can't see?

Join the kids as they make a Halloween day visit to Lexington's oldest fire station, the haunted Vogt Reel House, and learn how firefighters save lives with a special camera that can "see" invisible light.

Discover the strange properties of an invisible world in which firefighters can see through smoke and find people in the dark. Then visit the E.D. Bullard Co. in Cynthiana, KY, where the infrared camera was made, to learn how thermal imagers work.


Lexington-Fayette County

"Crosstown Kids" airs on Fayette County Public Schools educational access channel, Insight Cable channel 13, in Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky. The show also streams live during air times.

See the FCPS Channel 13 website for official listings.

There are no scheduled airings.


Make a Speaker

Invisible Light at the Haunted Fire Station


If you'd like to see Crosstown Kids air in your area, contact us! Limited to Kentucky only.

Meet the folks from Crosstown Kids!

In addition to our TV show, Crosstown Kids visits local schools and presents at other public events. Here's a list of what we're up to during the 2014-2015 school year. Events in bold are open to the public. If you have an event and you'd like us to bring some of our activities, send us a note.

  • Nov. 7-8 - Kentucky Science Teachers Associaton conference, Lexington
  • Jan. 15, 6:00 - 7:30 - Science Night at Winburn Middle School
  • Feb. 7, 9:00 - 1:00 - Fayette County Public Schools District Science Fair, Tates Creek H.S.
  • Feb. 28, 9:00 - 1:00 - University of Kentucky EDay College of Engineering Open House
  • Mar. 12 - Harrison Elementary Science Night
  • Mar. 24 - Kentucky Dept. of Ed. Southeast/Southcentral Science Teachers Meet-Up
  • Mar. 24, 6:00 - 7:00 - Deep Springs Science Night
  • Mar. 27, morning - Lansdowne Elementary Arts and Sciences Day
  • Apr. 9, 6:00 - 8:00 - Stonewall Interactive Science Night

See sound with the Audio Analyzer

As seen at the Kentucky Science Teachers Association Conference 2013. Learn all about sound by using special software that can show a sound wave and count the vibrations.

Windows (desktop) - Download the Audio Analyzer. Unzip the downloaded file and copy AudioAnalyzer.exe to your desktop. Click the icon and start playing!

Android (Gingerbread 2.3.3 and later) - coming to Google Play soon! Or free for Kentucky school teachers and their students for classroom use. Contact the developer, Scott Heydinger, at for details.

Check back soon for lesson plans.

Make your own Moon Jar!

Would you like to see how a balloon, suction cup, magnets, light, and marshmallows behave in a place with no air? Make your own "Moon Jar" at home and find out what it's like in space!

For just a few bucks, you can make your very own vacuum chamber out of an empty spaghetti jar. Lexington's Chevy Chase Hardware has all the parts you need. Well, except for the spaghetti. Stop by at 883 E. High St. and ask them how!

Check out our friends at Newton's Attic

We've been asked how to sign up for our camps. Well, we're busy making TV shows and visiting schools and don't have time to offer camps right now. We're pleased to recommend that you consider our friends over at Newton's Attic. They run some excellent camps both after school and during the summer.


"Crosstown Kids" is a children's educational television show filmed in Central Kentucky. Created for both kids and adults, each episode features a basic science principle and how it's used in the real world by taking viewers on a virtual field trip to many unique locations in the region. Kids at home can make things or do some of the activities featured in the show using common household items.

Brought to you by the non-profit The, we're always looking for corporate and academic sponsors to let us film at your workplace. Let us know if we can visit you!

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